9 Ocak 2011 Pazar


    Square,round,formless things my around. Purpled,greened,blackened my soul with the shape and shapeless my around. Aha!!!he here. Stupid,calm he is. No,no what? What do you want?

- i have preapared food for you.
-thanks, i comin'

    Okay,returned. The room is illuminated,blackened. Huh… It was over 3 months ago.missing him but not wanting any men to help myself. Problem not me. Problem in me not in me. Love,man,no need.No way to me to have. Howl…howl… around me. Shapless thing above me,inside my nails. Dirty,i should clean my possessions. Possesions my father bought. Dark outside. Aha!!! What do you want from me again?

-eat some more.
-nope.i'm okay.you eat leftovers.

    Continue. Forlorn places,forlorn my thoughts. Hopeles me…poor me... I say nothing to see me a poor creature. Don't do. Nobody must do. Virginia… Why do you writes so understandble(!) My powerfull goddess. My room again. Why did 'thou' word change? Beautiful than ‘you’. More poetic,more magical…Full of love...Love? Who found l-o-v-e? Who loves love? Brother love,parents love,courtly love … Somebody's classification hiding within me. They are conservative. But she was red for a while. They stay same place since born. Different from them i am. Running away,sometimes when i am in mirror or stage. I must be shining. Once upon a time a cat here. Lying ground,licking itself,cleaning… making   me relax,staying me in tranquillty… Roaming between my wrists,painting ‘eight’,sleeping in silence. He hit him,kick him softly but kicking is unstandable for him. He hit it. Revenge. Finally i abandoned cat. Actually,i am abondoned. Thanks for help. You wrote:
         Whisper blue flame under the seas is spelling wonder,
         Unknown words of past and future a wrong melody.

   I wrote a passage which has a name i do not remember now. Newspapers shows one’s idea about his political sight. I did not read it yesterday, today too... I am watching news. Forget about newspapers. I am bored of doing homework,writing essay about such a unusual thing with a weird style. Who can stand reading this ridiculous vampire story? Red,passion,love,rose… I remember these words in your first lecture. Rose,passion,love… My deepest emotions and nauseas are awakining. Thorns are the most attractive part of the roses. Blood,my desire to be alive,must be gushed out from his arteries. When the death comes,death comes. ıt is nothing different than nothing. Carpe diem! I do mot believe this idea. This is so egoistic. But i am not. But it is true,true that i do not love people. Most of them are mental costive. They are enemy. Am i just sarcastic? Or is this a kind of selfishness?  If it is,i do not complain about being selfish. What are you doing there? Flowers are about to die down. I saw her after a long time. Missing? Beautiful,curly girl loves me. Me too… I saw a couple,drinking beer near us. Tea is better, I do not drink a beer,men who work in the bar pee in it. Disgusting! Merciless! Handsome but moron. My brother is tidy so much. He is tidier than me. When will my nails lenghten? I must go to this concert.If i went away when i came to there,i would not have to want a permission to go. I do not want a permission for all my my freedom,my rights and my body.

   Nothing,nothing above me… And nothing will be… Give me a tranquilizer  so that i will be in safe until the end of life.

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